F Is For Farts

We get some real crackpots associating themselves with the church here in South Africa and the competition to see who can push the limits the furthest appears quite intense at times.

One recent crackpot was labelled the "Prophet of Doom" because he sprayed his congregants with Doom (a local fly spray) in the belief it would heal them. He was later found guilty of assault. Enough said!

But now we have a clear winner in Pastor Christ Penelope who according to a local news article "farts on people to heal them".

Now this really appeals to my sense of humour, but as a fellow pastor, I know this is absolute rubbish, partly because it's completely unscriptural, but also because if it were true, given the amount I fart, the whole world would be healed in my presence. 

This just leaves me wondering whether those he *healed* were healed in the name of the farter, the son and the holy gasp?

This post is part of a series in the Blogging From A To Z Challenge, April 2021.


  1. Oh, gosh! This is hilarious. I would sure like to know what the healed people think about this.

  2. Haha haaaa... this is too good.. I am laughing and farting healing the WORLD.. its much needed due to this Pandemic killing us.


  3. Hilarious and weid Here from atoz https://poojapriyamvada.blogspot.com/2021/04/fernweh-newnormal-atoz.html

  4. OMG! This was so funny (and worrying too). You should think about stand up comedy with lines like: "name of the farter, the son and the holy gasp?"

  5. Now, this is different! Really, really different. Kind of speechless...


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