Free Books

There's much that can be frustrating about life out here, but when your health insurance starts giving you free books it makes the world a much better place.

So I was very happy to swing another voucher from our them last night to get my third free book in a month.

The latest promotion they were running was for the month of May one has to reach one's exercise target for at least one week, and when one boxes four times a week and unicycles 10ks twice a week it really wasn't difficult.

I'm currently reading Long Shot and thoroughly enjoying his account of the battle against ISIS, Azad Cudi writes well and has an amazing story to tell. 

The Bomber Mafia caught my attention last week, not least because it's born out of the RAF's mission in WWII to bomb Germany and explores how they got there and how things have changed since. I also like Gladwell's writing so that's a win win.

I had a dilemma last week as I really wanted the Gladwell book but also wanted the Ranulph Fiennes book, but decided to go for the Fiennes one at a later date, so I was thrilled when Discovery suddenly offered another voucher for a free book. Again this one is right up my street and I find Fiennes a very interesting and entertaining story teller.


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