3D Printing

This may well be a case of 'little things pleasing little minds', but I'm rather pleased with myself today.

I've been battling to get a small bag to fit on my unicycle for a while now. I used to have one mounted on the handlebar but it broke and they don't make it anymore. So I was pleased to find a thread in the unicyclist.com forum (yes there really is such a thing) on the topic of saddlebags and unicycles.

I'll spare you from the wealth of knowledge being shared on said thread, suffice to say someone had posted an open source CAD file for 3D printing of saddle bag hooks for a uni saddle.

I know 3D printing is very cool, but it's a whole new world for me that I have never ventured in to before now. So having downloaded the CAD file I sent it to a local 3D printer who printed them overnight. This morning I picked up the finished items and was blessed to learn that he had printed nine rather than the two I had paid for (a long story I won't bore you with).

So having bolted two on to the saddle of my 36" unicycle, I've also fitted two to my 29er and another pair on to my 20" uni too. 

Sadly, the saddle bag I was planning on using simply didn't fit the shape of the unicycles, neither would its strap fit through the hooks, so after a quick trip to a local bike shop I'm now sorted with a decent saddle bag that will fit each of my unicycles and my bike as well. That's a win win!

The saddle bag sitting very neatly under the saddle


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