I've wanted to try Uni-Hockey for a long time so it was cool to finally get a game yesterday with some fellow unicyclists in the Cape Town area.

It was fast, hectic, just a little chaotic and I was rubbish at the hockey part of it, but it was great fun and I really want to do it again!

Massive thanks to Donna at Oddwheel for organizing these monthly unicycling events.

That was my afternoon, but my morning started with a 20k ride on my 36er. I started out in Strand but after 3ks in the wind gave up and went home to ride the local roads which was a sound decision!

A quick reminder of the rules...

The game begins...

The my GPS tracking of the game

My daily Activity Target is looking good

Data from my heart rate monitor for my 20k ride

Data from the game

A brief video of the game


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