10k Ride

There are a number of factors that have limited my time on my unicycles lately (laziness, the wind and a few other excuses...), so I decided it was time to stop making those excuses and just get back on with riding again.

So for the last couple of weeks I've been trying to crack off a couple of 10k rides on my Kris Holm 26er and generally I have managed it.

The joy of riding regularly is that I can feel my core getting a good workout which means that my back is less likely to cause me any grief, added to that the health benefits of regular exercise (as if Boxing 4 times a week wasn't enough!) and it's a win win.

Also recently I've been making a conscious effort to reduce my sugar intake again as I want to get back down to around 87kgs again, and I've been making good progress on that as I've just gone under 90kgs this week for the first time in several months.

This morning I was particularly happy as I finally manage to crack 10ks in an hour on the 26er. On my 36" unicycle this is quite an easy feat, but on the smaller 26" wheel it requires a lot more work.

Why not ride your 36er then? I hear you cry. Well, the 26er has become my favourite wheel and is my go to ride of all my unicycles. I guess it's the most versatile of them all, it's small enough to be light, and nimble and big enough to be comfortable on a longer distance ride. The 26" wheel can also handle multiple surface types far easier than the 36er can, though the 36er does roll incredibly smoothly over most stuff.


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