Chew On That

Further to my post on Saturday: There's A Mouse In My Kitchen, What Am I Gonna Do about our mouse problem at The Gathering, I had some more steel plates cut to size and finished the job off by screwing them on to the store room door.

I've now placed steel plates along the length of the door and made sure they're as tight to the floor as possible.

On the corners I've bent two separate plates to fit with a flap sticking out to prevent any attempts at limbo by the mice.

I think I can say with confidence that I've won the battle here, and if they do chew through they probably deserve to be there.

However, in the kitchen area it's another story all together, but hopefully I might be winning that battle too.

Over the last few days I've been mixing up some filler and blending it with crushed Rattex pellets, so when the mice chew through - which they have been doing - there's a little extra there for them to enjoy!

I showed our landlord my latest handiwork and he was highly amused by the thought of the mice chewing on Rattex flavoured filler.

There's one more patch of wall which I suspect the mice might be coming through, so the landlord will be sending his guys around on Friday to cement that hole up.

I'm determined to beat these pesky mice!


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