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Jim over on Missionary-Blogs.com has featured Facing The Mountain once again.

This time we're part of his Awesome God in Amazing Africa post on the Missionary Blog Watch page of the website, where Jim picks up on our post: Savouring Every Last Drop, a short post as Jim describes it "Just a little simple post of thanksgiving!".

I do try and focus on the blessings as much as possible on the blog and this particular Soup Kitchen was a tremendous blessing to us as well as to our regulars.

It's always humbling and a privilege to have any of our posts picked up and shared by others, so thanks Jim!

The other featured blogs are also brilliant and I especially liked reading "Redeemed, Rejoicing and Relief" in which the Blohms share a bit about getting an AIM Cessna aircraft back up and running and how its forced landing two year's ago led to a church being planted.

It's always good to read about how God's kingdom is being expanded in other parts of the world.

We both still have a soft spot for AIM because we flew with them a few times in '98 between Kenya and Tanzania, and some of their mission partners at Nassa Theological College became life-long friends.


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