Happy Easter!

I love the local church and I especially love the expression of church that we get to call home.

The Gathering was on fire this morning as we celebrated Christ's resurrection from the grave, a cold & hard historical fact.

The worship was awesome and it was a joy to share a word laid on my heart a few weeks ago about the three times Jesus spoke to his Father from the cross, as well as giving a clear gospel presentation for those that don't know Jesus yet. 

 Jesus spoke to his Father three times on the cross. At no point during his crucifixion was his relationship with his Father threatened, and it was with utter confidence that Jesus' last words on the cross to his Father were Psalm 31:5; "into your hands I commit my spirit". The joy of Easter Sunday is that we share in this confidence. This is our heritage. We too can confidently say to our Father: Into your hands I commit my spirit. 

What a joy it was too to have two people back in church whom we had prayed for on Wednesday evening. God is moving in Firgrove!  It was also a joy to welcome some Soup Kitchen regulars who were deeply moved by our Gathering and are keen to come again. We were also able to bless them with some food to take home.


  1. Prayer certainly changes things. Happy Easter and God bless Would you add my daughter to your prayer list? I would be grateful. She has Vasa Previa and we are hoping God sees her little one through this pregnancy healthy.
    I am playing catch up from the annual A2Z Blogging Challenge


  2. What a lovely Easter for you all! If only we could all have the faith to trust the Father's plan for us individually, and the courage to seek it out and follow through. Thanks for your posts!


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