The Gathering's weekly Soup Kitchen remains the highlight of my week.

Whilst it's always a calm and laid back affair in which the church is able to be incredibly generous to those that come for food, it's different every week and you can never fully be sure of what you might see or hear during the course of it.

Each week we get a never ending stream of tales and stories about why we should give someone more of this and someone else more of that...

But last night the stories and tales were at a whole different level as we were blessed to be able to give everyone a small Easter egg with their soup. It was quite amusing watching some of our younger regulars attempt to change their appearance by swapping clothes or removing a jumper in the hope that they wouldn't be recognised, whilst some of the adults went to great lengths to share a hard-luck story aimed at soliciting more Easter eggs from us. 

One guy even asked for several eggs for his children which he pointed to off in the distance, not realising that we know those kids, and we know full well that they're not related to him in any way shape or form. I guess he deserved points for trying.

Whilst the Soup Kitchen itself was a clam environment once again, that doesn't mean there isn't some nonsense kicking off nearby, and last night was no different. Just around the corner from the shops an altercation took place between some of the young lads and an older guy who they then chased off. Somehow in the midst of this debacle one of our members managed to relieve the ringleader of his weapon (a length of steel pipe), so thankfully no one came to any harm.






We were blessed with a lovely sunset







  1. It was interesting to read your soup kitchen observations and the mix of compassion and humour. I loved that you were able to hand out Easter eggs and chuckled at all the attempts to get extras.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed this entry especially. I make lunch every Thursday at our local soup kitchen and have gotten to know some of the regulars there. The stories can break your heart but there is almost always gratitude expressed for what we do and that's a lesson I take away each week. The soup kitchen is a hot lunch every day of the week and I appreciate the care that goes into preparing meals that are tasty and appealing, being creative with what is in the pantry. Blessings as you minister in your community.


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