Wow, what a morning in God's presence!

At The Gathering we've been praying for numerical growth for so long that now that it's happening it seems a bit surreal, but we're incredibly in awe of our faithful prayer answering God.

As Mongezi opened our gathering we were already pretty much full, but as our gathering progressed we had to get more and more chairs out from the back so that everyone had somewhere to  sit.

By the time Paula got up to share the word and lead us in Communion we were overflowing out of the door.

Please stand with us in prayer as we really need bigger premises and we're believing for taking ownership of the entire block of shops in which The Gathering is located.

It was great too to see some more of our Soup Kitchen regulars and to welcome Aunty Annie back again, this was her first time of gathering with us since lockdown began over two years ago!

The real joy in all of this however was seeing how the Holy Spirit was moving and bringing each element of our gathering together to focus on the resurrection of Jesus. From me putting our worship together, Mongezi opening and Paula preaching, our gathering was soaked in the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Hallelujah

It was such a blessing to be able to minster to those that came in need of prayer.


  1. it's so wonderful when God fills the space in His time. Will be praying that all the space you need - He provides.
    Really glad to have found you via A to Z challenge.
    favor - contact me on my email if you / your prayer team would like to join our ministry "globalizing prayer" Ive enjoyed seeing pastors in India praying for our Ugandan pastors and children praying for children in other parts of the world and the spiritual growth... email:

  2. Thank you for bringing the message of hope to many. God is good!


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