Well that was a funny old morning.

Paula went out and as she did so I was about to get in the shower when I heard a strange hissing noise. Initially I thought it was coming from her car, so I quickly threw my clothes back on and went out to check all was OK, but Paula had long gone, but what was that noise?!?

Then I noticed the water all over the back of the garage. Sadly the pipe going to the garden tap had burst.

So after some faffing about I managed to get to a local hardware store and buy a new piece of pipe. But this time I've gone for copper, so unless some low-life jumps over the wall to nick it, it should last as long as the house.

My shower was only delayed by just over an hour so no harm done and I'm looking forward to getting off to work so I can get the soup going for tonight's Soup Kitchen, we'll be serving a delicious homemade Cream of Beef & Tomato Soup as an Easter special. Yummy!


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