Cape Town was recently heralded as the 3rd greatest city on Earth by The UK’s Daily Telegraph newspaper. 

In fact they went even further and declared that Cape Town is "the greatest city in the world to visit right now".  High praise indeed!

However, Cape Town wasn't ranked as the #1 city due to its appalling murder rate, which was one of the criteria taken in to consideration for each city considered.

 Now I could easily and very happily go off on a rant here about just how dark and bleak life is once one departs from the beaten tourist trail, but that would be too easy, a bit like hitting someone once they're already down.

So I prefer to look at some of the better aspects of the city and what is going on, and I am honoured and privileged to be able to see some amazing stuff that goes on well below the radar of the media.

For example, The Gathering served 100 litres of home made soup tonight for its weekly Soup Kitchen. Two Macassar based Soup Kitchens which The Gathering supports served the vulnerable and needy in their communities this afternoon.

I'm immensely proud of my dear friends Shaddie & Liza who run My Father's House which has taken feeding the vulnerable and serving them to a whole other level of amazing, they serve over 1500 meals every day!

I'm proud to be associated with the Neighbourhood Watch in Firgrove who diligently keep an eye out for the most vulnerable in the community and do their best to feed them and help address their needs.

Maybe Cape Town is the 3rd Greatest City in the world, just for a very different set of reasons.


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