I was so blessed to join the Hope Church family this morning in Sevenoaks. This is the church that I was a part of when I first got saved when I was 18. 

Back then the church was known as Town Church and was meeting in people's homes and then in Bligh's Hall in Sevenoaks Town centre.

I was really struck by the words of this song (it's one of our favourites at The Gathering), especially the fact that having been a part of this church when I was 18 and here I am 37 years later and my testimony remains: all my life God has been faithful, all my life He has been so so good to me, and as such with every breath that I am able I will sing of the goodness of God!

It was a joy and a blessing to catch up with a few familiar faces from all those years ago, but it was even more of an encouragement to see how the church has grown and how the demographics of the membership have changed.

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  1. 6 of us met, prayed and asked God for a church in Sevenoaks alive with his Holy Spirit.....and he did it! He has indeed been good all our lives


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