Call That Work?

I'm not sure one could call what I do work given how much of a blessing so much of what I do is, and days like today are so enjoyable and pleasurable that there should probably be laws against it.

This morning after picking up a trailer I had the joy of driving through to Simon's Town to My Father's House where my dear brother Shaddie loaded my car and trailer with loads of food for The Gathering.

Aside from the joy of seeing Shaddie I also had the privilege of meeting S who is currently enrolled on their counseling course. S has been clean for 18 months and his testimony of God's faithfulness was truly stirring and humbling and it is amazing to see how folk like S engage so positively with the team at My Father's House. Thank you LORD!

Having loaded up I then returned to Firgrove to unload stuff for church whilst also putting stuff aside ready to deliver to Beatty & Mercia in Macassar. I was also able to give one of our members a significant amount of fresh veg so she could make some soup for tonight.

As ever it was a joy to see both Beatty & Mercia and to hear about how they're feeding so many in these tough times, and so it was a huge privilege to be able to pass on some of the blessings we had received from My Father's House.

Of all the food that we shared today, the biggest smile was raised by the boxes of Burger King mayonnaise which I personally would consume with a straw.

Thank you LORD for a day of 
fun, joy and blessings!


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