One of the joys of The Gathering's weekly Soup Kitchen is the variety of our regulars from all different walks in life. This diversity lends a calm and light environment in which folk are chilled and happy to laugh at themselves and others.

Last night we had the joy of BMW Man as some of the others called him, and he was very proud of his converted shopping trolley, though he was a bit fed up at having lost his wing mirror in a recent crash.

I love the creativity of guys like this, he knows that a local trolley recovery company will take his trolley, so to prevent them he's slammed it and decorated it rendering it useless to the supermarket he borrowed it from.

Oddly enough, there was an altercation between two of our regulars last night (a rare occurrence) and as I told the chief protagonist to calm down both she and her victim apologised profusely. I love the respect our regulars have for The Gathering and what we do for the community.


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