I am really chuffed with how my swing-seat renovation turned out!

It was looking quite sad and forlorn which just wasn't right for such a well loved piece of garden furniture, so just before we moved I set about restoring it so that it would look magnificent in our new garden, and even if I say so myself; it turned out pretty well.

The pi├Ęces de r├ęsistance is the cushion covers which were made out of some old curtains we'd had made back in Zimbabwe. A local lady did the sewing for me and she did a great job.

The green of the Hammerite paint goes so well with the green in the cushion covers that I could almost claim it was planned that way, though sadly coincidence played a greater role, though not one that leaves me unhappy.

The whole restoration took a few weeks and involved lots of sanding and scraping the rust off the frame, washing the seat-back and then replacing all the nuts and bolts for stainless steel equivalents to resist the inevitable rusting it will endure as we live closer to the sea. The Hammerite paint will also help kill off the last of the rust and prevent any further rusting.

I may have mentioned that I'm very happy with the results!

Our beloved swing-seat looking a bit sorry for itself


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