Sadly The Gathering have had to shelve plans for our annual Soup Kitchen Christmas Lunch this year. The main reason for doing so is simply one of logistics, as it would be beyond our resources to cater for and accommodate all of our regulars, which would lead to some frustration and disappointment, which we would rather avoid.

Next year when The Gathering is meeting in the main hall it will be a different ball game, but sadly we need to pass on it this year.

However, just because we're not doing a big Christmas lunch doesn't mean we can't special our Soup Kitchen regulars. So yesterday was our first of three specials we're doing for them over the festive period.

Last night's soup was a rather tasty Gammon & Pea Soup which went down a storm.

It was a long day for me as I had to pre-cook the six gammon in the morning ready for the soup itself. Add in to this the 36°C temp and loadshedding which meant the fans weren't working, and it made for an exhausting afternoon, but one that was a privilege to be a part of as it meant we got to serve and bless so many of our faithful regulars.

Delena had made around 300 cookies for yesterday and next week, and had individually decorated each one. We then sealed them in to individual bags with a With Love From The Gathering sticker on each one. What an amazing blessing way beyond anything we could have asked of her. The cookies also tasted fantastic!

The cookies were a real hit with our regulars with many deciding to take them home rather than eat them there and then. also some of the kids had an impromptu competition to see who could get the most stickers stuck on themselves.

Some of Delena's 300 yummy cookies

The cookies after being sealed in their bags

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