On Thursday we had our third and final Festive Soup Kitchen in which we once again served a delicious homemade Gammon & Pea soup.

Once again the soup went down a storm with many appreciative comments from our regulars.

It has been a real joy, pleasure and a privilege to be able to treat our Soup Kitchen regulars to three special soups over the last few weeks as we've done our best to celebrate Christmas with them.

Our hearts are still a little sore from not being able to offer our annual sit-down Christmas Lunch, but sadly
this was due in main to the sheer numbers of people coming, there's just no way we could have accommodated them all.

This is also part of why we're trying to purchase the building, because then space wouldn't be an issue, and the lunch would be inside making it easier to manage and a better environment rather than baking under the sun.

Please stand with us in prayer as we pray for our landlord to agree to the sale. We honestly believe that he won't get a better price than The Gathering is offering, and we're hoping & praying that he will come to realise this ASAP.

Even on a bright clear sunny day, God's rainbow of His covenant was on display for all to see.

Ready to serve and bless our Soup Kitchen regulars...


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