Homework Club

We are thrilled that The Gathering's Homework Club has restarted. 

It's actually in its second week of the new school year and already we're full with quite a long waiting list.

We also have quite a lot of Gr7s from the local primary school asking to join so we are going to have to look at ways of accommodating them too. What a brilliant problem to have!

This year for the first time in the seven years since we started the Homework Club, we're not restrained by the nonsense of loadshedding and are able to run our WiFi and charge the tablets regardless of whether the power is on or not. It used to be quite annoying when we had to cancel a session at short notice due to the power being off, but thankfully those days are over for The Gathering.

Now we just need to take ownership of the building so we can expand the Club to include literacy as well as accommodate the older kids who want to be a part of it.


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