Testimony Sunday at The Gathering is always a joy and a blessing, and this morning was no different!

The stream of testimonies of God's goodness just kept flowing. What was clear is that most had been having a tough year, but each acknowledged that it was only by God's awesome grace that they had got to where they were and were blessed because of His loving kindness.

After two weeks away, it was great to be amongst our Gathering family again, and it was a blessing to see and hear how the church had stepped up in our absence.

It was also a tremendous blessing to see our Gathering so full, with more people joining us after I had taken this photo. What a blessing it was too to welcome two of our former Soup Kitchen regulars. Life has moved on for them, they no longer need the Soup Kitchen, but decided to try The Gathering as a possible home, so we hope and pray they will plug in to The Gathering.


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