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On Monday I underwent minor surgery on my ears, the procedure was an ear meatoplasty, which in simple terms involved the surgeon removing part of the meatus in the opening to the ear canal.

For several years now I've been battling with my hearing, especially in situations with a lot of ambient noise, but also recurring ear infections that were driving me insane. 

I went to see the supposed top local ENT surgeon a few years ago, but for whatever reasons he wouldn't listen to me and said I just needed the build up of wax removing. In essence he made me feel pretty stupid.

Fast forward a few years and we found another ENT surgeon who not only listened, but on seeing the state of my ear canals was seriously concerned and arranged for the procedure.

It was a quick and simple stay in a local day clinic, but involved a general anesthetic and a rather dramatic head bandage, but otherwise all was good. 

The surgeon said I had to remove the head bandage the next morning and then get busy with the anti-biotic cream.

So here I am, two days on and despite a bit of mechanical pain from having a chunk cut out of my ears, I'm feeling good and enjoying the instant improvement in my hearing. I'm also hopeful that this will be an end of the never ending cycle of ear infections. Please LORD!


  1. So pleased to learn that all went well and you're already experiencing improvement in your hearing. Praying for full health and hearing.


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