It's a great blessing to see so much food stacked up in the church office/kitchen, especially knowing that Paula negotiated such a great deal with the shopkeeper that we got +/-1700 individual packets of noodles for the princely sum of R1.60 each (7p each in Blighty). In the local shops a cheap packet of noodles would normally cost around R5 each (22p).

What a blessing. Thank you LORD!

The Gathering's Christmas Soup Kitchens are shaping up nicely. We are planning on doing three special Soup Kitchens in Dec (14, 21 & 28) in which we will be serving 200 litres of delicious homemade Pea & Ham Soup to our faithful regulars each week.

Paula has again been cutting deals with local suppliers, and we already have 24 gammon steaks in the fridge at church, together with a ton of split green peas with which to make the soups. 

Last year these soups were very popular and gratefully received by our regulars. We will also be giving each recipient a homemade cookie sealed in a bag with a "You are loved!" sticker on it. The cookies are being baked by a dear church member.

We will also be giving each of the school age kids a goodie bag with some sweets and stationery for the new school year in January. 

All in all our three Xmas specials are looking to be fantastic!

We have had to buy several (read that as 27) new sealable plastic tubs to store everything in a rodent proof manner. Personally, this excites me because the more capacity we have for storing the food, the more we're able to give to the neediest and most vulnerable, and that really is me in my happy place.

Getting to this point has been a lot of work, for Paula as she does her thing wheeling & dealing to get the best prices possible, and for me as I've had to do some serious rearranging of stuff at church in order to accommodate the food. And that's before I've decanted the noodles from their eight bags of five in each box to store the individual packets in the plastic tubs. But I know we wouldn't want it any other way.



These noodles were Round 1 as that was all we could squeeze into Paula's car, we returned the next day to get another car load. 

24 gammon steaks ready for Soup Kitchen


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