I've said this before, but my greatest joy in our ministry is raising up and releasing others to serve the Kingdom for God's glory.

So it was pure joy and a real privilege to allow two of our members to share the Word as part of our Seven Minute Challenge.

What made it even better was the fact that Jubilant had asked a few weeks ago if she could also lead The Gathering's worship on this Sunday.

Just wow!

Jubilant led us so deeply in to worship in God's presence, and then spoke with authority and grace in her word.

Kuda too was amazing, and seeing his growth as a young Christian is truly humbling. Kuda's is a journey from addiction to faith, and it is a tremendous blessing to see him spread his wings and soar with eagles for Christ.

Jubilant sharing the Word

Kuda sharing on building friendship for Christ


The Gathering

Even Angel was enjoying God's presence


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