Dean spent most of this afternoon with Tyrone and his mother taking them to see Gavin Bingham (the eye Dr from church) at his rooms. Tyrone was excellently behaved and allowed Gavin to do what was necessary.

Goodbye To Lorraine

This morning has been a very sad, yet extremely culturally interesting one for Paula as she attended Lorraine's funeral at her home in Chris Nissen Park. Death really is just part of life and this was highlighted throughout all the proceedings. In many ways as white westerners we may have felt that some of the things that happen are disrespectful, but it was such a good reminder that death really is a natural part of life and nothing to be feared. As is customary for Cape coloured funerals, Lorraine's body was brought to the house and taken inside. The lid is taken off to reveal the face of the deceased and within seconds there is almost a rugby scrummage for people to get inside the little house to pay their last respects. People cannot wait to see the body.

Remarkable Puzzle

Here's a bit of fun for those dull moments. We will not be posting the answers, however, if you get really stuck, we'll email you the answers.

A Most Remarkable Puzzle

by Kaimi Wenger

BIBLE PUZZLE: There are 25 books of the Bible in this paragraph. Can you find them??


Lorraine sat outside her home in CNP. It's not a great photo of her but it it's the only one we have, so we thought it would be good to share it with you again. We're really happy that at last Lorraine has peace and is at rest. She was a deeply committed Christian so we can rejoice with her at her graduation.

Please pray for David (her husband) as he considers what to do next, particularly with regards to their daughter Devedeen, pray that he'll make the best decision for her.

Life & Death

As Dean was away all of last week I only had chance to pop in quickly to CNP on Friday (also my birthday!). I was so glad that I did as I got to see most of my cell group ladies and had good chats with them all. They had been really missing Dean, so it was great that I was able to go in.

After a weeks break we're back to 'blogging'. Dean had a mixed week in Pretoria. The content of the workshop was top notch, with some excellent speakers and people that ordinarily we mortals don't get to speak to. Dean also got to visit the UNAIDS library which was excellent and enabled him to fill up on loads of resources from the UN. However, the timekeeping, communication and general organisation (or lack of it) was quite appalling at times and a source of frustration for Dean!


Joel has recently become obsessed with guitars and particularly enjoys worship on Sundays as there are at least 3 guitarists in the worship band. Here Joel is being shown how to play by Barend. Maybe we have a future worship leader in the making.

Ups And Downs

Friday was another day of contrast for Paula in Chris Nissen. First she visited Aunty Poppy, a lovely widow and granny, known and loved by everyone in the community. She lost her husband 2 years ago and is still very very lonely. She is a wonderful woman and Paula really enjoyed chatting with her out in the sun on her 'stoop'. The great news is that she will now be free to go to Paula's cell from the end of July. This will greatly help the cell as Aunty Poppy is a keen and mature Christian, with a great command of English.

Helderberg Mountain

This is a view of the Helderberg Mountain seen from within the Nature Reserve. We are so blessed to have this right on our doorstep.

Rare Moment

Joel sitting enjoying the sunshine in the Nature Reserve, this is quite a rare moment these days!

Soaking Up Sunshine

Joel & Mummy on a bench in the Nature Reserve. The weather was spectacular today, so we made the most of it and went to the local reserve.