Health & Study

The good news is that Dean doesn't have TB! Praise God!! The bad news is that he's going to have to see the Dr. and try to sort out his cough and wheeziness as it's been going on for quite a while now. Dean is really frustrated as he can't shake off the cough but really doesn't want to take any more antibiotics. Probably the biggest frustration is not being able to go cycling, he's missed two rides this week and one last week, so he's trying to sort out a ride for tomorrow.

In case you're not aware, Firefox version 2 has just been released and can be downloaded from their website. I fully recommend it!

Ditch Internet Explorer today!

Sunday Afternoon

The weekend was quite manic with a lot of runnig around, with not much family time to be had, so yesterday afternoon we had another picnic tea in the Nature Reserve. The boys love being there and it really is a lovely place. The only shame is that it still closes at 5.30. Thankfully in Nov' they extend it to 7.30 which will be much better. As we were leaving we were treated to a rare sighting of a Bontebok calf, we were all pleased with that! Normally the mothers keep them hidden for quite a while but this one was only a few days old and proudly parading around with the herd.

Sickness & Stuff

Please pray for Dean as he's struggling with his third bronchial infection in a short space of time. Dina and others in Chris Nissen have nagged him to have a TB test so he'll go and get that done on Monday. Dean's sure he hasn't got TB especially having read up on the symptoms. However, it is possible that he keeps getting ill from his incredibly regular contact with TB sufferers in CNP. After his last illness Dean had barely recovered when he took a few TB patients to the clinic in his car. Such close proximity when your immunity is low is not great! Please pray for a sustained period of good health for him.


late this week a 'black' southeaster was blowing which brought a bit of rain too, but the best bit was the rainbows we kept seeing. This one was just peeping over the Schapenberg and is seen from our bathroom window.

Bakkie In Action

In our recent post: 'Nothing Of Note' we mentioned the fact that we had changed Dean's car for a 'bakkie' (pickup in English) to assist us in our work in Chris Nissen. Here at last are some photos of the bakkie doing exactly what we wanted it for.

Concepts Of Eternity

Not very sound theologically, but quite entertaining.

Lazy Weekend - Part 3

After the Nature Reserve we finished off our lazy weekend with some lounging around in the garden before sunset and bathtime.

Joel on his bike, he really enjoys charging up and down the drive on this

Lazy Weekend - Part 2

After church on Sunday we had a really lazy afternoon in the Nature Reserve with Deb's & Rach' (both of whom Joel adores). We took a picnic tea and simply sat and chatted and played with the boys, brilliant!

Debs with Eli

Lazy Weekend - Part 1

One of our best weekends in a while, we pretty much just lounged around from Saturday afternoon (after Dean had been to the party in CNP) through to Sunday evening and took some lovely photos of a chilled out family.

Birthday Party

Mama Jane asked a while ago if Dean would take some photographs of the twins Birthday party on Saturday. Sisi & Booty were 5 and had a great afternoon. Their friends were particularly plaesed with the party packs that Mama Jane and Aletta had put together. Once again Mama Jane models something really positive in the community!