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We arrived in Cheadle on Saturday afternoon and just had time to settle the boys down before we were off to the Upper Room in Cheadle to speak at an evening meeting which was part of the Stockport ‘Big Deal’. The evening was excellent and despite a slight technical glitch with the laptop and data projector the presentation went well. We had a lot of positive feedback and were encouraged by the response. It was also great to see some old friends such as John & Helen.

On Sunday morning we were interviewed at the 9.30 family service which went well. We were quite impressed with this service especially as the children were fully involved and the curate made the point that even if you were bothered by the noise the church wouldn’t apologise as the kids were essential to the service. Also, the kids joined the band up front and were encouraged to participate. How we long for such participation back in Somerset West! After the 9.30, Dean stayed on and gave our powerpoint presentation to the 11.15 service. This was a more traditional service but there was still a good response.

After a lovely dinner with John & Trisha we set off for the Lakes at 3pm. Sadly this meant we had to endure the England game on the radio but this was probably as well as it was quite appalling. Still, a win is a win. Bring on Portugal!

We arrived in Santon Bridge in time for the last 10 minutes of the game, so Dean partook of a beer whilst Paula unloaded the car (not a fair division of labour but given the circumstances we’ll let it go).


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