Terrific, I've got measles! Who ever heard of a 40 year old with measles? Pathetic isn't it.

I feel shocking but at least I have a name for it as I'm sure Paula was getting a bit fed up with my slow ambling around the house. The headache is incredibly painful, my eyes are really sore and I'm either freezing or roasting, not being able to get comfortable. For the last couple of days I've been craving sunshine to help me warm up. I ache all over so find playing with the boys almost impossible which is really gutting.

The worst bit is that we've had to cancel our planned trip to Montagu where I was going to race with some friends in the Krakadouw MTB Classic which is part of the Montagu Mountain Mania festival. We were making a weekend of it with three other families from church so we were really looking forward to it. I had already conceded that I wouldn't be able to do the 80km race as I'd have no time to train so I was on for the 55km ride instead. But I've struggled to ride this week (although I rode with some friends in Lebanon on Saturday morning). I had a clear training plan for this week but it's fallen by the wayside. Needless to say I'm gutted about this. I'll also be missing my early morning ride in Jonkershoek tomorrow which is also very frustrating.

On the upside, my time of 3 hours in the Tru Cape 40km race two Saturdays ago is looking even better as I not only wiped out hurting my leg quite badly but was riding with measles. So the fact that I still beat half the entrants makes me feel very good!


  1. Ohh yuc, poor you! hope you feel better soon, you old croc! LOL


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