Testing Times

This week has been a bit testing so far and we would really value your prayers. It all started a bit badly on Saturday when Paula woke up to find she couldn't open one of her eyes. It turned out that she had been bitten by a spider. All is well now, after a massive shot of hystamine, but it wasn't pleasant.

Now Dean has been complaining of terrible headaches, achiness and general 'not very well' type symptoms. This morning he came out of the shower sporting a beautiful all over rash. By 10 o'clock he was diagnosed with having measles... he is not a happy chappy to put it mildly. As when Paula had chicken pox for the first time aged 35, Dean says this is the worst he's felt in a long while.

Perhaps the worst thing for us though is that we were supposed to be going away camping for the weekend with friends whilst Dean and the guys do a mountain bike race. This can't now happen and we are all fed up about it.

In contrast, we took Eli for his MMR today and he looked on in great interest whilst he was stabbed in the thigh without flinching - a strange boy that one!

Please pray for our good health and for spiritual protection. We are not naive enough to think that the devil doesn't like what we do and will try to hinder us at every twist and turn.


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