CNP Update

Things have been very frustrating in Chris Nissen for a while now, mainly because the same old issues of gossip & jealousy keep rearing their ugly heads and damaging the work we're doing. Frustratingly it's church members who are the worst and behaving terribly. Things came to a head last week when Paula was told by some ladies that they want to join her cell group but are afraid to because of certain church members. I then had one of the men in my group tell me that he was no longer coming to my bible study as he was scared of one particular church member who verbally abuses him and accused my group of gossiping about them.

We were going to have a meeting between all the members of our various groups and address these issues, but eventually agreed that we need to find an alternative way of addressing these issues. So last night Paula & I met with Reuben & Wilma who lead the Wed' evening cell group to look at how we can move things on and address these ridiculous behaviours. We can't tell you the outcome until it's been agreed by the elders, but we're excited about how things could work out.

On Sunday we launched our big winter project to the tune of 'Bob the Builder'. This outreach is called B.O.B. (Bless Our Brothers). We plan to patch up houses of church members, fix broken windows, leaky roofs etc. We'll also be collecting blankets and paraffin. At the end of June and beginning of July we'll have teams going into Chris Nissen, Sir Lowry's Pass village, Broadlands and Lwandle to undertake the practical stuff whilst also having teams who will pray with people and share the gospel whilst others will play with the kids in the communities. We're really excited about this project and the response from church members was very encouraging, so watch this space.


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