Gravity Adventure Festival

On Sunday I missed church (sinner!) and joined a friend for a 35k mountain bike race as part of the Gravity Adventure Festival. I have no intention of posting my time simply because I was riding to keep my friend company and have some fun along the way. The route was very easy with a gentle 4km climb at the start followed by a lot of flat and downhill. The route was through the Kogelberg Nature Reserve and followed part of the 2007 Cape Epic route. The scenery was stunning and the weather was perfect so all in all a good fun morning with excellent company.

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  1. ohh dear, now, would Dean have got the "principl's special award" for missing church(!! HA! (yes this is a joke for those who don't get my humour!). I guess at least he wasn't missing church to watch Crysal Palace play footie, as that would SURELY be a sin!


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