The results of the Stellenbosch Wes 55k MTB race are available on the PedalPower site.

My official time was: 4:04:13, with an average speed of 13.51kph which was due to the numerous portage sections. I had wanted a sub 4 hour time, but given the conditions I'm pleased with the overall result. I finished 17th with my two friends finishing 15th & 16th. We were surprised to see that only 36 riders finished the course as our starting group was definitely bigger than that. However, given how muddy it was and how tough this made the race we're guessing a few people bailed out. The most encouraging thing about this race is that those that were there are probably more of the hardcore mtb guys, it's likely that the weekend warriors stayed away due to the weather. If this is the case, then we did very well to finish in the top half. We'll get a better idea at the Karoo to Coast in a few weeks time.

On a sad note, we know of at least two guys who cheated by taking a shortcut and finished ahead of us. That is really frustrating!


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