On Saturday I rode the Lourensford Classic MTB race, a tough 60k's around the stunning Lourensford wine estate at the foot of the Hottentots Holland mountains. The weather was almost perfect apart from a brief spell of rain, with the sun remaining firmly behind the clouds.

I was with my usual crowd and we had sort of agreed that we'd take it easy but in reality we were racing. Somehow I ended up at the front of our start group with my friends stuck in the middle, but I met another friend at the front so we rode together for the first 20k's, after which I left him and carried on alone.

Everything seemed to go just right for me and my confidence was a lot higher than it has been lately, so even the singletrack was good. I also managed to keep out of a few nasty accidents and didn't actually stop once on the route.

I finished in under 4 hours which is a great result for this particular race and I'm very pleased with my time especially as I beat my friends that I normally ride with.

The best bit of the whole event was seeing Paula, Joel & Eli at the finish line! Because the race was in Somerset West Paula was able to bring the boys along and Joel was really excited when he saw me coming towards the finish line.

Official results:
Time: 03:52:15, Overall Position: 145/380 Average Speed: 15.5kph
My friends were about 4 minutes behind me.


  1. Hey, about that Crosslinks link you've got up... Just from a glance, those people look like a bunch of fundamentalist types. And, if you really want to be scared, take a look at their statement of faith. Sure, they claim to have some affiliation with Anglicanism but no Anglican needs more than the historic creeds as a statement of faith and, most assuredly, we do not need that Bible stuff. I wouldn't usually comment but you've got kids and everything. Don't want the little ones exposed to the radical fundies.

    Your pal,


  2. Hi Linda

    Thanks for stopping by and also for taking the time to checkout the Crosslinks link. I intend to respond to your comments when time allows, but initially would point out that Crosslinks is an Anglican mission society and has been since 1922, prior to which it was part of CMS. As part of the Anglican communion I've never heard Crosslinks described as 'fundamentalist' before, but I guess it depends on how liberal or conservative you are in your faith (presuming you have one given that you see no need for scripture of any kind).

    Watch this space for a fuller response.



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