Blooming Weather!

Late November is a bit of a strange time of year here. People are either frantically trying to get things sorted ready for the Christmas/Summer shutdown or they're cruising along just running down the clock until the Christmas shutdown. Either way it's not really a good time to be starting new things, which is just as well because we're not planning to.

However, we are once again in the process of organising Christmas Hampers for the needier folk amongst us. Last year we distributed 35 hampers but this year we're planning to distribute 62. We're away for most of December so won't actually do the hard physical work this year but we will oversee the planning of the operation. Last year the hampers cost R150 each, this year they will be R248 for exactly the same items. Apparently food inflation only runs at 10% so either our maths is dodgy or 'official figures' aren't quite as precise as they could be.

Today is a truly vile day weather wise. Summer should be well and truly here by now but Winter obviously doesn't want to bid us farewell just yet. I've been soaked three times today. Firstly as I was riding from 6am in Jonkershoek (a brilliant 50k ride) I was drenched. Then just after lunch I went to pick up 9 tins of paint which have been donated to Chris Nissen. As I was loading the tins onto the bakkie the heavens emptied themselves on me. Not much of a blessing! Finally as I was visiting in CNP I again got soaked. Brilliant!

The rain is expected until the end of the week when hopefully Summer might finally poke its head out.


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