Cape Argus

I rode the Cape Argus on my road bike this morning and cracked a respectable time of 3:30. In truth I'm a little disappointed as I know I could have gone better but circumstance and my legs conspired against me. At least I know what I need to do next year to crack a sub 3hour.

The ride was great, the weather was perfect, very hot and no wind to speak of. I was on my own for the first 10k's then got onto the back of a peloton for 20k's before some muppet ran me off the road causing me to get dropped by the peloton. No other pelotons came past me so I really had to work on my own for the bulk of the race. That said, it was still good fun!

I rode the entire race in my big blade at the front, not dropping to 'granny' at any point which was very satisfying, especially on Suikerbossie (the last hill). Also, at no point did I stop for a drink or anything else, so I was as focused as I could be. My bike ran very sweetly and all in all everything went as good as one could expect.

My vital statistics read as follows:
Ave Speed: 31.4, Ave Cadence: 65, Ave Heart Rate: 162 / 87% of max and I burnt just over 3000Kcal's. So now I'm drinking copious quantities of beer to replace my lost carbohydrates!

I'll post the official time when it goes on the Winning Time website, but according to my HR monitor 3:30 is about right.


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