Bodiam Castle

On Friday morning we had a family trip out to Bodiam Castle in East Sussex. As you can see from the photos this is a truly picture postcard castle, exactly as you'd imagine it should look.

The boys were really excited about the castle and enjoyed romping around the grounds and climbing on the various bits inside. Joel was a little too scared to go looking for Princess Fiona in the highest room of the tallest tower in case he saw the dragon but despite this he still enjoyed the castle.

Grandad came too which was great and the boys always enjoy time with him as they don't get to see him as often as we'd like.

Family time like this is such a blessing in the midst of our hectic schedule.

Joel at Bodiam

Never mind the castle, this tractor looks like fun!

Imagining what it would be like to fire arrows across the moat

We really enjoyed climbing over the castle

No Eating In The Grounds - By Order

Dad & Joel

The perfect medieval castle

Back at Grandad's and looking pleased with himself


  1. What a gorgeous castle! It reminds me that it has been many years since I have been to the UK.

    I was there on 10 different occasions, but the most recent was 1996... too long.

    Truly a green and lovely land.

    And with such a gorgeous family having a fine visit.

    What a nice respite this must be for you all, although I know your work means much to you as well.

  2. I am going to switch (yes it is me) identities in a manner of speaking and comment from my parish blog from now on.

    I will also add Adventures of God to the blogroll of the church blog.

    Pax my friends.



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