Mission Education Visiting

On Thursday evening we gave a presentation of our work with Chris Nissen Park to St. George's in Weald (the village Paula grew up in). The was based around a Cheese & Wine supper during which we interrupted the proceedings with twice with different presentations.

We began with our powerpoint presentation of the work we've been doing for the last four years and immediately followed it with a 5 minute DVD of the HOPE Home Based Care project. This all seemed to be very well received.

After a short break for more cheese & wine we the gave a 25 minute photo presentation of our lives at work and play in Somerset West. We then concluded with another 5 minute video which can be seen on this previous post: The Local Church Responds.

We thoroughly enjoyed the evening and were particularly pleased with the turnout from St. Peter's in Ightham. Thank you for making the effort, we really appreciate it!

The photos aren't very good but hopefully give you a glimpse of our mission education visits.

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  1. That video was fantastic.

    Many prayers for all the good work being done and prayers for all that needs to be done!


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