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We're really enjoying being part of a church that values its members and cares for them as family. Wow, how we've missed that for a few years! One of our greatest joys at present is being drawn into the life of the church and particularly into the leadership side of things. I'm particularly encouraged that after a barren and almost desolate few years at last I'm beginning to stretch my wings and fly again.

One of the ways this is happening is through the core group of guys that Daniel has gathered together in Grace Community Church. This is a small group of guys who he feels have the potential to be effective leaders within the church. I feel very privileged to be a part of this group and I'm loving the fact that my lead elder is taking time to get alongside me and draw me in.

On Thursday night it was the turn of four of us to do five minute preaches, followed by feedback from the rest of the group. The guys all did very well except for me. I prepared far too much so only got through half of my material. How easily one forgets what one learnt at bible college! Despite this, Davey and I are going to do a team sermon this coming Sunday which we're both looking forward to.

Davey in full flow

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  1. I can hear how much you are enjoying this new place of worship. Good for you- the Lord leads us where to be.

    To which I must add - I thank you for your prayers... I got the phone call yesterday, I am hired for the parish job that I had emailed you about!

    God is so very good!


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