This weekend was slightly different as we welcomed Pete, Steph and Caleb into our home. Pete is one of the elders at Queens Road Church in Wimbledon. It's always a pleasure to host friends and they were a pleasure to have around.

We spent a bit of time at Delheim as well as plenty of time at home, chillin' and chatting. On Saturday evening we abused their presence by ducking out to a friends 40th birthday party, the theme was 1968 and most people made a great effort to get into costume.

Church was great again, with worship being led by Nick (from HCC). After church on Sunday we had a potjie in the evening and invited Daniel, Zelda and their kids to meet with Pete & Steph. We had a great time and it was really good to chat about some of the issues the church faces and to talk a bit about the relationship with NewFrontiers.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Pete, Steph & Caleb in the evening as they returned to their friends in Fish Hoek, however we will see them again briefly on Thursday.

Eli in action on the climbing frame at Delheim

Giving Caleb a push

Steph & Eli on the trampoline

How we looked back then

Sue (birthday girl) & Graham

Craig came as a baby as he was born in '68

Peace dudes! Joel has a style all his own

Chatting before dinner (l to r: Pete, Paula, Daniel & Zelda)

Pete made a great impromptu climbing frame..

..and the boys enjoyed 'beating him up'

The world is safe whilst superman is around!

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