Inter School Sports

Joel & Eli's school (International School of Helderberg) has two 'sister' schools in the Cape so today they held their annual Winter Inter-IES sports event with three main events of Football (or soccer as they insist on calling it here), Hockey and Netball. Eli is too young to compete, but Joel was involved in two football matches against Hout Bay International School and Blouberg International School. They won the first one 3-0 and lost the second 4-2.

Joel did brilliantly, especially as he's only been playing for three weeks. We were really proud of him as he ran his socks off and played really well as part of the team. He was a bit upset that he didn't get to kick the ball more but he'll get there.

Joel wasn't afraid to get stuck in

They both had a lot of fun

Conceding the 4th goal

Team Photo with coach

Joel was upset as he got hit by the ball right on the final whistle. That's Mrs Tinsley his class teacher holding him


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