One of the best ways to make inroads into a community is to get stuck in and help with practical needs. So this week I've been trying to get more involved in this way. I spent some time with Aunty Florrie this week and with some help from Michael managed to stop two major leaks on her roof. The rains are due back over the weekend so our handy-work will certainly be tested.

We're also looking at how we can practically assist some of our other members especially one young couple who have three kids and no home of their own. Hopefully we can tell you more soon.

Last week I had the privilege of doing a teaching on giving at our mid-week all together meeting. I really enjoyed it and the feedback has been very encouraging. Hopefully we'll see some fruit from this in the lives of our members. I've also been asked to preach this Sunday which again I'm really looking forward to.

Whilst on Aunty Florrie's roof I was quite taken with the view out towards the Hottentots Holland mountain range.


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