We're in the midst of winter here and yet our weather seems to be as good as the British summer. Our mornings and evenings are very cold but during the day we're enjoying temperatures up in the high 20's. It all makes for some fantastic cycling weather so Dean has been doing his best to make the most of it. Today he squeezed in a lunchtime ride with his friend Rod (see the pic).

The boys are doing really well although Joel has battled with a cough and cold over the weekend. They both continually amaze us and are such a blessing! We've got some issues to deal with which we'd appreciate your prayers for. We need some wisdom regarding Joel and whether or not he repeats Year 1. Also, Eli has been diagnosed as short-sighted as well as having astygmatism in both eyes, so we're doing some eye exercises with him (when he's cooperative) which should help. Both boys are loving the winter weather and Paula spent a very happy hour on the beach with them yesterday trying to blow Joel's cold away rather than infecting everyone in church! Both got soaked - naturally - trying to dodge the water and hunting for crabs and Joel enjoyed watching the surfers falling off from time to time! He's got his dad's sense of humour.

Church wise things are going really well. At a recent funeral we saw a lot of old acquaintances who invariably asked how we were getting on at Grace Community Church. We're not sure what any of them were expecting our answer to be but most of them seem genuinely surprised when we start raving about Grace, how God is using us there and what a blessing it is to be a part of such a vibrant and friendly church. As Dean said during his sermon on Sunday, "We're a church who know how to worship, what more can I say?" This pretty much sums up how we feel about church right now as we're really enjoying being part of God's family for the first time in many years. We're certainly being used and utilised more than we ever have been in the past which blesses us and the church enormously which is great as we're here to serve the church.

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  1. The weather actually sounds great. We have had a bizarre summer in upstate NY.... cool and far too wet (gardens are spoiled) or blazing hot every now and then.

    I recalled being in the Southern hemisphere during late August/ early Sept (Peru and Bolivia) and loving the cold mornings and warm days.

    Prayers for the children and for you all - you are actually always in my prayers, from the time I first read you and was so touched by your work. I hope that health improves and that school work, eyes and all work as they should.

    It is also a gift to actually feel the spirit of your enthusiasm about where God has placed you and how that is working. Praise to our God and to what is always being brought forth!

    Wow, that's long winded even by my standards! Peace, blessings and prayers for you all.


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