Hallelujah! Our freight was delivered this afternoon. Apparently it cleared customs very easily which is a great answer to prayer. We weren't expecting problems but you never know with customs.

The delivery guy was really helpful and thankfully Michael was already with me at the house so he too got stuck in with the unloading. Even the boys had a go at carrying some of the lighter boxes.

We'll gradually unpack over the coming weeks but we've already discovered one casualty. I was keen to show Michael my Shirt Aid picture but unfortunately the glass had broken in the frame. Thankfully no damage done though so it should be easy to get the glass replaced.

Joel & Eli getting stuck in

The freight in the garage of our new house. The boys deliberately put on their grumpy faces for the photo then laughed like drains afterwards!

It turns out that our freight was on the MSC Laura not the MSC Sophie as we were told which would explain why the Sophie is still in the Mediterranean but our freight is in our garage!


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