Turner Prize

I saw on the BBC News website that the Turner Prize winner has been announced. This year the prize was won by painter Richard Wright. Wright was presented with the £25,000 prize by Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy at Tate Britain in London, with judges praising his "profound originality".

I looked at his winning entry and immediately fancied a curry. Then I realised why. Anyone who went into a curry house in the 1970's through to the late 1980's probably remembers the various flock wallpapers that adorned most Indian restaurants. So then I typed: "1970's wallpaper" into Google and had my suspicions confirmed. There is absolutely nothing original or profound for that matter, about this piece of so called 'art'. A quick trawl around some wallpaper websites such as: www.flockedwallpaper.co.uk or www.wallpaperfromthe70s.com suggest I'm not wrong.

If only I'd known that copying a piece of wallpaper and enlarging it a couple of hundred times could have earnt me 25grand! I'm in the wrong job!


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