Fantastic Day

Today was a really satisfying and rewarding day in which I can't help but feel tremendously blessed by God.

Through Facebook I recently 'reconnected' (don't you just love social networking speak) with Vanessa a friend from my days at Town Church Sevenoaks. I've known Vanessa since 1984 but last saw her sometime in the late 80's. Paula knew Vanessa from Girl Guides and being baby-sat by her. So after many many years we met up again in Cape Town of all places. What a joy and a privilege to meet up again after so many years and to swap stories about where we are now, how we got there and what we're doing.

 It seems amazing that we all came form a little town in Kent called Sevenoaks and ended up in different places around the world. Vanessa lives in the United Arab Emirates and of course we're here in SA. Vanessa was always very kind to me when I had just become a Christian back then and gave me my first bible, so I've always been very fond of her. I left Sevenoaks in 1986 and often wondered where many of my friends had got to so it was very special to meet again.

After working very late into the night last night to enable me to clear my diary to go into Cape Town this morning it was back to church for a teaching session this evening about 'How can I be sure of my salvation?' It seems to have been well received and I certainly enjoyed doing it. I love the time it takes preparing such material but I also really enjoy delivering it and I count it a privilege to be able to open up the bible to others and help them grow in their faith. Thank you Lord!

I also had a long conversation with the Dr this morning about Joel's arm and am feeling a lot happier about the situation. We're still going for the non-intervention route but will be keeping a very close eye on how his arm heals. Please continue to pray for complete healing of the arm and specifically that the bone would fuse together true and straight.

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  1. You know I looked at this briefly the other day but I am glad that I came back to reread it more closely.

    Lovely post and sentiments about relationship, mission, coincidence and God's will.

    I am struck because I did not know that you were from Sevenoaks. As someone long obsessed with the UK, especially so in the 70's and 80's, I read every word I could find about your green and pleasant land along with plotting visits there.

    In the very early 80's I saw a photo of a place called 1 Six Bells Lane, and the cute little door sing was 6 bells. It was in Sevenoaks. I dreamt of seeing this lovely doorway!

    So I found myself in London, my second visit there, in 1984 and I took the train to Sevenoaks and yes, I found 6 Bells Lane and Knolehouse (had no clue it existed) and all that was lovely to me. It was a dream of a day, one that I have never forgotten.

    Sorry to wax on, but I was so clearly reminded of a special day in my life, in your town!

    Glad that FB has reconnected you all. I am especially happy to hear of Joel's progress.


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