We don't seem to go to many weddings these days so when the occasional invite comes along it's really good fun to go. Today we were guests of the groom's parents who we've got to know quite well through church. Dean also spends some time each week with Ernest which he really enjoys. Ernest recently had quite a major stroke but looking at him in the pictures one would never know. God has performed an amazing miracle of healing in Ernest's life!

The wedding took place in the open air in a wonderfully idyllic setting amidst trees flowers and a river running alongside. All very quaint. The wedding service was quite different to how we do it in our culture but it was a beautiful service and it's great to celebrate something as wonderful as marriage with another culture.

We would imagine that Ernest & Annie will be glad when this one is over as that's the last of their seven children married off.


Evelino & Jessica with bestman, ushers & bridesmaids

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