Freedom Day

Tuesday next week is Freedom Day so just about the whole of South Africa takes the Monday off too and clears off for the weekend. In fact we had a constant stream of migrating traffic nose to tail outside our house (thanks to road works and a very unhelpful and poorly planned diversion) for 3 hours this evening which wasn't very pleasant. Enough ranting!

So, another long weekend and the weather is looking good which is a blessing as the season has definitely changed. There's now a chill on the air in the morning and evenings and the rains seem to have come early this year. The locals love the rain but being English we tend to prefer the sunny days, especially after having lived a few years in Manchester!

Hayden continues to be a real star in his seemingly endless capacity to simply fit in. He cried for a short while last night but other than that he's been amazing. It's also great to see Eli being the big brother and sharing his toys etc with him as he's used to being the little brother who gets pushed around.

Can't wait to spend more time with my amazing boys over this long weekend!


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