Settling In

So proud of our boys and the way they've handled Hayden coming into our family for a while. Maybe it helps that they've known him for a while but even so they are being very caring and considerate towards him.

As for Hayden, what a treasure! He's been really well trained and even though he's not quite 3 he's perfectly happy to take himself off to the toilet and he's dry through the night as long as he's lifted. He slept brilliantly last night and despite the lift for a wee at 11.30ish he slept right through until 6ish which was perfect.

Paula spoke to the Principal at the boys' school today and in principle they have no problem with Hayden joining the nursery class whilst he's with us which will be a huge blessing! Paula will try him there tomorrow so prayers for a quick adjustment to another new situation would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Will keep praying - so glad he's doing so well though!!

  2. So many prayers for you all. God clearly calls you to feed his sheep and you do so. It is such a gift to know you, even from afar, and to be enjoined with you in prayer this way!God bless you all.


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