Place Of Safety

We are now officially a place of safety and have a court order to prove it. It's probably just as well that we have proof as I'm not sure we'd believe it otherwise.

So what precipitated this turn of events?

Like most folk we were happily plodding on minding our own business and trying to make the most of the chaos that is our daily life when suddenly we heard that things had gone seriously downhill for Michael & Joyce (see: Prayer Request). So this morning I went with them to the social worker to talk about how we can support them in trying to rectify the situation whilst also ensuring Hayden's safety. Paula & I had spoken briefly about offering to be a place of safety for Hayden if push came to shove, so as the meeting progressed and push did indeed come to shove I put the proposal to the social worker and before I knew it we had an appointment in the family court and a third little boy in our family for the next 90 days. In the next week we will put a programme together with the social worker outlining what Michael & Joyce must do to demonstrate they are again able to care for Hayden. We'll also recruit a lot of support for them through our circle of friends and contacts to ensure that they are best placed to succeed. Together with their church things could well turn out alright but please join us in praying for this situation especially for Joyce as she now has to give up the booze!

This is all very exciting but also very daunting as it will have quite an impact on our daily lives and the things we're involved with. I've already had to spend an hour rummaging through the garage retrieving bits we'd allocated for giving away whilst also reassembling a bed and rearranging the boys bedroom to fit it in. Praise God for bunk beds! On the other hand, what with already having a house of two lively boys we might not even notice a third and if the chaos is too much we can turf them all out into the garden to chase around with the dog.

Spare a thought for Rosie!


  1. God bless you all - prayers are coming from here.

    What a situation - may grace and wisdom lead you all. That and a big run round the garden with boys and dog!

    (It is me Fran, who you know, but I am sneaking a peek from work and not in my usual Fran or St. Edward's blogger identities.)

  2. Will be praying for you and all concerned!! Trusting the little fella slots into family life well!!

  3. Fantastic, that's what I'd love to be doing, we've still got several miles of red tape to go here! Hope things work out well for you all, strength and patience!

  4. Fantastic so far. Hayden has been well trained so takes himself of to the toilet, then at bedtime he happily went off with no fuss and fell straight asleep. We lifted him at 11.30ish for a wee then he went straight back to sleep until 6ish this morning.


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