Josie, R.I.P.

We heard today that Josie passed away late this morning after battling an infection for a few days.

Josie was a great friend and colleague of Dean's, they always got on really well. Sadly we never managed to see her in hospital but Dean did see her a couple of times in Jamestown after she had retired and each occasion of catching up with Josie was a lot of fun.  Paula remembers her best for her incredible gift of encouragement.  She was always there for you and gave her Bible study ladies that extra little something to look forward to each week.

Josie will be well missed by a lot of people as she was very loved and highly thought of.  There's absolutely no doubt where she is now though - with her glorious Saviour, and that gives us all great comfort!

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  1. Rest in peace Josie! Prayers for her and for all who loved her.


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