I love it when England play because it allows the rest of the English footballing fraternity know what it's like being a Palace fan. You have a great team with brilliant potential, you should win every game and play your opponents off the field and yet somehow you manage to make it all look like really hard work and have very little to show for your endeavours. That's what it's like being a Palace fan, but as Palace fan I got used to that a long time ago. Sadly for the rest of the England fans the reality may just be dawning.

Despite Rooney et al's best efforts to ruin our amazing evening they thankfully failed in their quest. Yes the game was a turgid affair and we made the Algerians look good but it was still an amazing vibe and the Cape Town stadium still impresses and it was great to share the evening with our mates Jo and Mark!

One of the best experiences of this whole event is following the Fan Walk from the centre of Cape Town down to the stadium. It's a wonderful route full of music, laughter and really good humoured football fans looking for nothing more than a good time. Black, white, rich, poor all equal and all with the same outlook, to have a laugh and enjoy some football.

Can't wait to take my boys to the Portugal v N.Korea game on Monday!

On the Fan Walk in town

Recolonising Cape Town

These Algerians were being interviewed for Algerian TV so Dean just had to liven things up for them!

Paula, Dean and Jo before the match, we wouldn't have been smiling afterwards! We were up in the gods four rows from the back


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